Unlike You

In East Tennessee between bottle and tooth

I tip the strippers that look just like you

Grilled to perfection on a diesel rig engine

They jiggle and bounce like their shocks are worn out


But they're true, unlike you


Their legs are a road map of dead ends and turnpikes

Driving for miles in search of county lines

Dreaming of gold rings, bright California

The warnings are painted like road signs in their eyes


But they're true, unlike you


Pretty Miss Blue Ridge thinks borrowing's a fucking sin

Pretty Miss Blue Ridge knows promises are Ziploc thin

Pretty Miss Blue Ridge says, "Don't touch my cigarettes"

Pretty Miss Blue Ridge gonna give you back just what she gets


Dollar bill divas with sand in their bloodstream

Weaving and grinding, skin creamy and curdled

"Believe me," they tell you, eyes on their dark tits

"The loneliest pole found south of the Arctic."


They're true, unlike you


Low strut and high heels, ass tired and slack jawed

Their bodies sag velvet, the beat hits the bell curve

The Lord has a place with burgundy curtains

Specially reserved for his favorite burdens


They're true, unlike you