The Knifethrower's Proposal

Give me something sharp, something shiny and new

I got a cool trick that I want to show you

It starts with a bang and it ends in disaster

Love’s a knife trick, go ahead and ask her


Carny barker love sonnet, sequins and heels

Don’t stop smiling while you spin on the wheel

They paid good money on the chance you’ll get hurt

Trust me now darling, I’m a knife expert


I will make you a circus starlet if I don’t cut you first

They’ll chant your name upon the midway

I promise it won’t hurt, no it won’t…


“Feats of dubious sanity!”


This ain’t some old freakshow, ain’t no game of chance

The knives know everything about romance

Turn through the light, baby, end over end

Kissing the air around your head


Outline your figure with the point of my blade

When I untie your wrists you have to smile and wave

Now tie me to the target and give me a spin

If you don’t throw them hard, the knives won’t stick