Only Half Here

Man they call me crazy 'cause I'm only half here

Dreams when I'm sleeping are twice as real as

The hours I spend lost in this weird machine

I wobble through the world like a broken wheel


But the view isn't all that bad


I always get the sense that it's merely invention

The story in my head and this mirror's reflection

Afraid I got no time for your intervention

'Cause I got no sense of self-preservation


But the view isn't all that bad


I smash and grab the very things

That keep me on my knees

I beg you darling please

Forget all the words I sing

Just hum the melody

Because that's really the only honest thing about me.


Sorry that I sound like a broken record

Something is amiss but it's hard to measure

Whether I'm a mess or it entropy

Things are hard to gauge when you don't think


No, the view isn't all that bad