Let’s Forget It For Awhile

Once upon a time I used to die

I died for fun, not so long ago

This girl I knew she was just as fun as me

And we were doomed to wild joy and misery

Wicked, sparkly pinwheels in her eyes,

She cried, "The end is near!"

Paralyzed by the horror of it all

I said "And so it is, my dear."


All right, things fall apart now the center cannot hold

Hold tight, crush the very life out of things you hold most dear

Don't fear, we all go out the same way we came in

But since we're here, you and I should love each other madly

'Til the bed breaks and we're happy and the dead they sadly smile.

Let's forget it for awhile

Let's forget it for awhile


Hidden in the woods I had a friend

I loved this man, a brother 'til the end

He'd sing into the telephone at night

And write poems with hidden messages.

He tied a bungee cord around his neck

And left a note that wasn't poetry.

He was loved but his body on the floor

Well, it failed me as a metaphor.




Oh Dayn, what have we done?

Oh Dayn, what have we done?