Immolate Yourself

Fill yourself a can of unleaded gasoline
Pick up a pack of matches and a jar of white face cream
Dress yourself in black- from a bowler hat to some pointed shoes-
Mime walk yourself downtown, grab a crowd, begin to amuse

Immolate, immolate, immolate
Immolate yourself
Immolate, immolate, immolate
Immolate yourself

Take a cutting torch to your kids’ backyard swing
Reassemble the pieces into a Kafkan penal machine
Invite the neighbors by for a friendly barbecue
Strip down, strap yourself inside- slowly begin to amuse


Storm a national TV broadcast station
Politely ask all the folks at home to try and be patient
Wave a .38 at the television crew
Invite the SWAT team in, take aim, begin to amuse


Dance in the shower, smoke in bed
laugh 'til the brains burst out of your head
drink cleaning products, eat hot lead
practice drunk and unprotected sex.
Leap out a window, get too high
w alk through Watts on the Fourth of July
Swim with sharks, rob a five-and-dime
Follow just a nickel of my advice

Watch your life swim by like a blind fishy in an underground spring
A weird distortion of what it was you’d intended to be
When we do arrive at the last bar of our personal blues
The very most we can hope for is to have been amused