Finding Mnemosyne

Buried in a redwood box

Borne upon the spores collecting

Sailing cold, dark waters

The flow of an underground stream


Set the timers, fertilize the crops

Let the germ grow inside you

On the endless playas

The cries of the thing inside your head


Finding Mnemosyne, Finding Mnemosyne


Don’t fall asleep on me no more

Don’t let me sleep among the spores

Of course the space in you

Needs to hitch a ride,

Hitch a ride real soon




When you finally recognized that you weren’t alone

It already called your body temporarily home


Do you remember long before we lost our way,

How it seemed so easy, dancing with the demons, Dayn?

We left the door wide open and the dancers came to stay

How we entertained them, how they left me…


Finding Mnemosyne