Yeah, the skies would open wide

We’d forget about the time

When you walked me, walked me in on

Side, we talked about the rain

How the thunder came

What the weather said about our…


Fate ain’t accidental

Fate it’s elemental


Yeah, you showed me all the rooms

In your little cocoon

Told me how the ‘burbs was killing you

Were lovely, out of place

Exotic and ornate

Queen of the gypsies, queen of


Grace ain’t accidental

Grace it’s elemental


And afterwards, you wondered aloud

Love is absurd, but I can’t live without it

Are you your word? I know the sound of

Colliding worlds.


Why? No need to ask no why

No need to even try

Love is thunder, love is very

High, catch lightning when it strikes

The kite is in the sky

The key unlocks the rest of our sweet


Life ain’t accidental

Life it’s elemental


Elemental, elemental, elemental…