Angelina Aphrodesia

D'Angelo's on the stereo
And your swivel hips they just go girl go
Turn around the room, shake your boomboomboom
Make me feel all right, make me want to die

Angelina Aphrodisia
Sugar czarina turn the whole world on
Angelina Aphrodisia
How can wicked be so absolutely sweet?

And the song Golden Brown and the song Golden Brown
Keeps my baby spinning 'round
And the song Golden Brown reminds me of how
your sweet love pours down

And you came to me in a samba dream
Like a Mardi Gras Queen in a bullfight ring
Turn the gray seas green, paint the fog banks blue
Like a lighthouse beam, draw me straight to you


Like a random sweep of paradise
Pray my soul to keep in your bright green eyes
Like the Big Sur hills' golden curves
Steep and rolling, built for thrills