Absentia Soleil

When I was a dead man, my body resting in the riverbed
I wandered for a winter, unaware that I was dead
For months I studied my body like a fading map
Desperately waiting in the river’s log jam lap

The way winter came was a raven with a crown of frozen flame
Black spruce mourners bent and drunken, singing songs of death and blame
Idiot moon was wax and waning laughing madly overhead
Bleach bone fields ever-looping, the land had long since bled
the land had long since bled

Absentia soleil
Let me in to dry my hair
Absentia soleil
Give me light and give me air
Absentia soleil

Soleil soleil soleil so lay my body down
Soleil soleil soleil so late my sun

At the heart of winter a veil of blank eyes wide
I found a trapper sharpening his knives
Born blind by moonlight thrust steaming into ice
He walked his trap lines soothing souls while their bodies died
soothing souls while their bodies died


At the edge of reason where the winds no longer blow
I found your cabin from its windows your life glowed
Forty long nights begging for you to let me in
Before I saw that I was really dead
my body in the river bed.


So I lay me down
my soul for the season to keep
the winter’s deep but round
and it’s time for me to get some sleep